Educational Institute and Program Development Research Group

The mission of the Educational Institute and Program Development Research Group (EIPd) is to carry out research and development programs which focus on organizational-level development processes and / or program development in educational institutions. The aim of the EIPd is  to create new knowledge and to disseminate existing knowledge in this field. To achieve these goals, research of EIPd mainly focuses on the contents and processes of Hungarian and international educational program developments and institutional developments, their connection with organizational learning, as well as possible approaches and research methods in these areas. Building on the learning-centered approach, the EIPd examines learning and program development processes at the institutional level.

EIPd’s current research focuses on the international comparative study of teacher education programs in developing countries, creating a database to compare the practice-related elements of curricula, focusing on the interactions between institutional and national processes and global trends. The research group has an interdisciplinary approach, it is open to external partners.



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