Registration and abstract submission form for presenters

EDiTE-ATEE-ELTE conference expects the abstracts that summarize the methodological approach of the research, focusing on methodological dilemmas and problems.

The abstracts will be arranged in methodological groups, in different workshops. 

Groups of 5-6 people will be informed each other's abstracts before the event. In the workshop, participants have an opportunity to present their abstracts in a 3-minute short problem-focused presentation.

This is followed by a joint moderated discussion focusing on the problems, facilitated by the Workshop facilitator.

The results of the discussion will be summarized in a plenary discussion by the facilitators.

We offer two registration opportunities:

Click here if you would like to register as a presenter and submit your abstract. Abstract submission deadline: 25 May 2021

Click here, if you would like to join the conference as a participant. Registration deadline for participants: 9 June 2021

Certificates of presentation were sent to presenting authors only. A personalized certificate with the number of live session hours attended during the conference will be sent to attendees via email.

Should you any question, please contact us