Useful information

1. Who can you find with your problems?

What kind of questions, problems can the International Office help me with? How can I contact them?


Topics: information regarding the study plan of the academic year, academic requirements, students’ legal stay in Hungary, Neptun, student mobility, university services (life management support, equal opportunities, libraries, wifi, housing, health insurance, student card), or any personal issues regarding your studies.

What kind of questions, problems can the Registrar’s Administration Office help me with?

How can I contact them?

Contact: Dávid Bardóczky

Topics: enrolment, student status certificate, tuition and other fees, transcript, late course enrolment, requests to the Academic Committee, requests to the Credit Transfer Committee, submission of thesis, certificates/confirmations on behalf of the university.

International students’ mentor at the Institute of Education

Gabriella Baska

Enikő Orsolya Bereczki


Student Union (International)

In student initiation issues: class representation, mentor system, free time activities, scholarship applications.

I have problems/questions regarding course registrations / exam registrations – where can I get help?

Szilárd Balogh, room no. 414, in office hours or via email.

Neptun doesn’t say where my class is. Who can tell me?

Teacher, first of all. Then, if you don’t succeed: Szilárd Balogh. , room no. 414, in office hours or via email.

What university or faculty regulations are available in English language?

2. Deadlines


Spring registration period

until 7 February 2021 (Sunday)

Study period

First day of tuition 8 February 2021 (Monday)
Spring break 31 March 2021 – 6 April 2021 (Wednesday–Tuesday)
Last day of tuition 15 May 2021 (Saturday)

Pázmány Day (study break)

7 May 2021 (Friday)

Examination period

First day 17 May 2021 (Monday)
Last day 3 July 2021 (Saturday)

Other important deadlines:

Final exam application

20 March in spring semester

20 October in autumn semester

Thesis topic announcement

(should be submitted electronically)

15 May in spring semester

15 October in autumn semester

Submission of the thesis

(must be uploaded electronically to Neptun exclusively, and the evaluation process also takes place in Neptun)

 20 April in spring semester

20 November in autumn semester

On the webpage of the Quaestura Student Service Office you can find a semester schedule containing the main periods of task in the Neptun System (e.g. enrolment, course registration, exam registration).

3. Services

What services can the library offer and how are they accessible? 

Library membership is free for every student of Eötvös Loránd University. Major online scientific databases, which provide access to the latest publications, are also available for students. The online databases can also be reached from home through the web services of the university.

More information:

Training and sport facilities at the university Find more here:

Is there a buffet in KAZY? Where can I eat lunch nearby?

There is no catering service at the moment, but after the reconstructions, a buffet will open in the basement. There will be a fridge and a microwave there as well, for free use. There are a lot of restaurants in the neighbouring streets offering ’napi menü’ (meal of the day/special offer).         

Restaurants nearby:

Baber Bistro

Bock Bistro

Zeller Bistro (it is recommended to make a reservation in advance)

Yans Pub (Armenian Pub)

Napfenyes Restaurant (Vegetarian, Vegan)

Millennium da Pippo (Italian)

Made In Pasta (Italian)

Tuning Bar & Burger (American)

TGI Friday’s (American)

Regős Vendéglő (Hungarian)

Hunyadi Restaurant (Hungarian)

Becsiszelet Restaurant (Hungarian)

Paprika (Hungarian)

Barack & Szilva Restaurant (Hungarian, International)

Maharaja City (Indian, Nepalese)

Mazel Tov (Jewish)

M. Restaurant (French, Eastern European)



Central Canteen

Bánh Mì Szendvics Bár (Vietnamese)

Bors GasztroBár

What wifi networks are available in KAZY?

There is a WIFI system available for ELTE students at the university. Since this service is provided for individual users you need a user name installed. This user name can be created electronically via the Online Custumer Service of the IT Directorate. Eduroam network that you can have access to using your home Eduroam ID is also available at ELTE.

To create your IT user name, which is your Caesar ID at the same time, you can log in to our Online Customer Service with your Neptun code and then set your IT user name and password that will be requested when you want to access ELTE wifi with your device.


  • PPK KAZY building (23-27, Kazinczy street.): 1stfloor (street wing), 2ndand 3rdfloor, Library side of the Ground Hall, Library, Napkazy (basement)
  • PPK IZU building (46, Izabella street): 1stfloor nearby the staircase, end of the corridor on the 2nd, 3rdand 4thfloors.
  • Rector’s Cabinet (21-23, Szerb street): 1st floor and Professors’ Club.
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Humanities: social areas of the Trefort-Garden campus.
  • Lágymányos Campus social areas, elevators’ hall, libraries, lecture halls.

More details are available:

What can I do if I feel I need help with personal issues / problems?

The university’s Counselling Centre provides free individual counselling to all ELTE students, also available in English. There is a possibility for individual or group consultations. More information is available on our website Register via email:

Address: 1071 Budapest, Damjanich Street 41-43. C/114

4. Contacts at the Institute of Education

How can I find out about office hours of teachers?

Teachers’ office hours are available on our website:

I need to consult a teacher urgently. Who can help?

You can write an email to the teacher to ask for an appointment (

5. Joining the scientific work of the Institute as a student

What research groups are there within the Institute?

How can I join a research group?

You have to contact the head of the research group in order to join.

How can I be a demonstrator in a research group?

There is a call for application for a demonstrator post at the beginning of each academic year. The deadline of submission is the middle of September.

6. Curriculum

Curriculums can be found here:

7. Internship

Internship – when and where? How long? What are the tasks?

You can find information on the homepage in Internship

8. Thesis

Information regarding the thesis.

Topics are available on the website:

The formal requirements

(Update: 23, February, 2021)