New Challenges to Education. Lessons from Around the World. XIX Annual International Conference (Bulgarian Comparative Education Society) (online) – keynote speaker, the title of the presentation: A Worldwide Pandemic and Academic Freedom: Challenges of the Changing Landscape (with Prof. Ewelina K. Niemczyk)


HuCER 2021: Hungarian Conference on Educational Research, 2021 (online) – speaker, the title of webinar presentation: The law: a safety net or a threat? Measuring legal attitude based on a small sample of school case studies (with Kevin Kormos)



10th Be a Parent Conference (Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Education and Psychology, Hungarian Pedagogical Society, Be a Parent Program és Nonprofit Association for Democratic Education and Learning) – Roundtable: The relationship between parents and school – Roundtable participant




LERU CE7 Research Ethics Online Seminar (League of European Research Universities & Eötvös Loránd University) (online) – speaker, the title of presentation: Challenges in research ethics before and during the pandemic (with Gyöngyi Kökönyei)



Comparative School Counselling International Virtual Conference (Bulgarian Comparative Education Society) (online) – Programme Committee member