How to apply

Applications are to be submitted through MARIHE Application Database, where all applications are pre-processed. Applicants must be able to support their application with enclosures related to their educational background, language skills, and other qualifications and merits.

Eligible applications will be reviewed by members of the MARIHE Consortium Partners. The MARIHE Admission Board will select applicants and propose a scholarship main list and a scholarship reserve list to the EACEA.

At this time applicants on the scholarship main list will be contacted via e-mail and asked to confirm their application by handing in the hard (paper) copies of their application documents.

After approval of the scholarship main list and the scholarship reserve list by the EACEA all reviewed applicants will receive a notice via e-mail. Applicants on the scholarship reserve list will again be contacted in case their application is moved to the main list.

For more information related to the admission and admission timetable, please visit MARIHE website: