Higher Education and Innovation Research Group

Higher Education and Innovation Research Group

Introduction of the Research Group

The Higher Education and Innovation Research Group (HEIR) was formed by the Centre for Higher Education Management  (CHEM) in September 2015.

The research group works in two main areas. One area is higher education research, with special focus on learning and teaching and organisational and management research. The other main area is innovation system research in education, including micro and macro level processes.

The research group works within the Institute of Education at the Faculty of Education and Psychology of ELTE. Its aim is intense cooperation and knowledge sharing with colleagues just as well as with the broader organisational environment of the Faculty. The research group is responsible for the higher education specialization of the Education MA program. In the frame of the specialization innovative learning management methods are sought based on student-centeredness and supporting problem-based learning.

The most important projects of the research group are:

  • ImpAla research (finished)
  • Innova research (ongoing)
  • MoTeL research (ongoing)
  • EDiTE Horizon2020 project (ongoing)
  • MARIHE Erasmus Mundus project (ongoing)
  • Professional development and organisational support of HE teachers (ongoing)
  • Self- efficacy instead of anxiety (ongoing)

Innova research is the continuation of the ImpAla research on the impact mechanisms of development interventions in public education. In the frame of Innova two large sample data collections have taken place that help the analysis of innovations within the Hungarian education system. Research results of both two research have been and are widely disseminated. The Innova research has attracted considerate international attention (its approach is employed, among others, in the planned extensive innovation assessment programme of OECD).

Two of the above projects are educational co-operations of international consortia, supported by the European Union. EDiTE has several research components. One is “Teacher learning in schools as innovative learning environments, in the context of curriculum reforms and educational development interventions”. The other component focuses on the analysis and development of partnership between universities and schools. The task of the Faculty of Education and Psychology of ELTE within MARIHE Erasmus Mundus programme is managing the Learning and Teaching in Higher Education specialisation and connected research.