Research topics and projects

Research topics and projects
Research topics
  • educational inequalities, characteristics of students’ socio-economic status and their impact on the process of teaching and learning, education of disadvantaged, Roma and SEN students;
  • early school leaving, school drop-outs, individual and institutional characteristics and their impact on dropping out;
  • institutional characteristics of the school, in particular the relationship between institutional trust and climate and school effectiveness;
  • the continuous professional development and learning of teachers, individual and institutional factors influencing this learning in the special context of school-based vocational education and training;
  • pedagogical innovations, monitoring, evaluation and impact study of school programmes;
  • the role of alternative schools and methods in reducing disadvantages at school, the theory and practice of Montessori-pedagogy;
  • students’ cognitive and affective (perceptions and attitudes) characteristics and their impact on student achievement;
  • social and emotional development and learning in childhood, the impact assesment of SEL programmes;
  • empirical study of school attachment and student-teacher relationship;
  • theoretical approaches of studying childhood in the 21st century, understanding of and perceptions about childhood, attitudes to school;
  • characteristics of effective learning and teaching supported by educational technology;
  • online assessment of early numeracy and technology-enhanced development of numerical skills in kindergarten and primary school;
  • development of student creativity in online and offline environments, relationships between creativity and academic achievement;
  • school discipline;
  • social and behavioural problems at school (alcohol and drugs abuse, behavioural addictions, school aggression) and their impact on student achievement.
Projects, tenders won in the last 3 years
  • 2016, 2017, 2018 New National Excellence Program.
  • 2017-2018 Fulbright Visiting Researcher Scholarship
  • 2018-2022 Investigation of Teacher Continuous Professional Development Models at the
  • Level of the Education System, the Organisation and the Individual (financed by the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund of Hungary). Joint proposal by the Research Groups for Innovation and Equality in Education, Higher Education and Innovation and Teachers, Teacher Professional Communities and Teacher Education.
  • 2018-2021 Addictionology problems in the general population: monitoring trends and renewing the applied methodology (financed by the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund of Hungary).
  • 2016-2018 Studying the content and direct impact of preventive-awareness raising services provided as part of diversion (financed by the Ministry of Human Resources)
  • 2016, 2017 National Talent Program, Scholarship for the Young Talents of the Nation.
  • ERASMUS+ teaching and research mobility grants.