Educational Technology

The specialization prepares educators and other professionals to serve as educational technology experts and leaders in their schools and organisations. Specifically, students of the specialization will learn to integrate technology into educational environments creating experiences that meet the diverse needs of all learners, develop mastery of concepts in technology-rich settings while modelling safe, healthy, legal, and ethical uses of digital information, learn the skills to investigate issues critical to the field as well as determine potential solutions. All courses combine a range of resources and technologies to facilitate direct interaction between students, faculty and other educational technology experts from external organizations. Program graduates will be prepared with the knowledge and skills required to address real-world problems and emerging challenges in various learning settings.

The program aligns with the Educational Science MA Qualifications Framework of ELTE and international standards, specifically ISTE Standards for Technology Coaches. The objectives of the program also comport with ISTE standards for Educators.

Coordinator: Dr. Enikő Orsolya Bereczki

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Educational Management

The specialisation is designed for students wishing to get into a career in education.  The Programme of Study is practice-based focusing on developing and understanding management and development in education at programme, organisation and system-level.  A focus is on practice-based inquiry and development, seminars are strongly connected with field-work and internship in educational institution or institution/company working on the field of educational research and development. The qualification makes students eligible to apply for doctoral studies or to work in educational administration or development at schools, universities, development institutions or companies.

Coordinator: Dr. Erika Kopp

Research Studies

The aim of the specialisation is to integrate expert knowledge and current research in order to prepare our students to both practice and conduct research on the field of education. Our programme provides the opportunity to advance professional practice in both research methodology and management of educational research.
The program offers courses in a tutorial setting with small groups, in collaboration with research groups of the institute depending on students’ own research interests.
Completion of the programme can lead to a variety of careers within the field of education. Our programme also prepares students for further studies in the doctorate program (PhD) in education science.
Areas of competences provided in our training:

  • Research methodolody
  • Theory of education development
  • Sociology of Education
  • Planning and implementing education research
  • Academic reading and writing
  • Critical evaluation of education research

Coordinator: Dr. Anikó Fehérvári

Childhood Studies

The aim of this specialization is to provide overview of the most recent scientific knowledge on development and education of children between 0-12 years as well as topics of cultural and social environment related to this development. Another important goal is to provide necessary methodological knowledge about current trends, approaches, methods, practical issues to study children, and use of this knowledge in a childhood study workshop.

Individual and peer-supported learning, thinking and working together, group work and projects play key role in the courses of the specialization. During the 2 years of MA training two big projects take place in the specialization: a research workshop and an institutional practice.

The specialization is recommended especially for educational professionals who are interested in theoretical and practical knowledge about development, care and education of children between 0-12 years.

Coordinator: Dr. Anikó Zsolnai Ravaszné