Study objectives, curriculum, thesis topics

The curriculum of MARIHE reflects on four perspectives on the change logics involved in the worldwide developments in higher education and in higher education institutions:

  • the perspective on Systems in Transition, focussing on general developments and on globalization and regionalization (Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia) in higher education
  • the perspective on System-Institution-Interaction (e.g. funding of research and innovation)
  • the perspective on Institutional Change (e.g. change management in higher education)
  • the perspective of Learning and Teaching (based on research and theory of the learning sciences), specialisation of ELTE

Furthermore, modules on Theoretical Background introduce fundamental issues of higher education management. Another emphasis is given to Transferable Skills (e.g. research methods, presentation skills, languages).


1st Semester, DUK (Austria)

Foundation – 30 ECTS (six modules, each 5 ECTS)

1. Systems in Transition 1
2. New Public Management
3. Theories of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

4. Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
5. Institutional Management
6. Research Methods 1


2nd Semester, UTA (Finland)

 Orientation – 30 ECTS (six modules, each 5 ECTS)

7. Systems in Transition 2
8. Organisation Theory in Higher Education and Innovation
9. Research and Innovation Management

10. Financial Management and Funding in Higher Education, Research and Innovation
11. Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Education
12. Research Methods 2


Internship and 3rd Semester

Internship - 10 ECTS, worldwide

Duration: minimum 8 weeks   

Study trip to Asia - 10 ECTS (two modules, each 5 ECTS), either at BNU (China) or TIET (India)

13. Systems in Transition 3
14. Insights from Practice: Higher Education in China / Higher Education in India 

Learning and Teaching Specialisation - 10 ECTS (two modules, each 5 ECTS)



Programme Design, Delivery and Assessment

Research on Learning and Teaching in Higher Education


4th Semester – 30 ECTS

Master Thesis - 20 ECTS,

Workshop 3: Development – 7 ECTS

Academic writing – 3 ECTS

Thesis topics